Dynamax Roberts  Born Joe  wayne  Edmontson  Roberts 1972  in the  Bronx of New York ,Raised by his  late Mother Marilyn Roberts  & Platinum love  Song writer  & Producer Larry Roberts.   Dynamax Step Father who  left a great impression and  a string of hit songs  with collaborations  from Soul Music Gods  like Eddie Kendricks from The Temptations, The O'Jays , The Moments , The Escorts,  and Sylvia Robinson to name  a few ,This became the blue print for a young  Dynamax to follow later in life.



His Mother didn't know the Music Business  so  Dynamax  had  to take the  road paying  many dues  as  he ventured out to  the  West side of Chicago  to spend time with his biological father where he self educated himself  on  Rap  &  DJ skills  once Dynamax  turned 18 he then decided  to  go  back home to NYC where he  would work in the mail room of time warner and hang out at night  clubs searching for right deal ,Dynamax  made connections with many friends like fame graffiti artist Zimad  who gave him the contact to a woman in the art gallery world ( Barrie Cline ) she introduced Dynamax to Monte Cristo ,George Clinton (Parliament Funkadelic's  European management team) Monte got


Dynamax signed on his first internationally  project  with the  producer Dee nasty  in 1994 this  lead  Dynamax  on the path  to getting signed to Universal in  Europe 2000 to 2004 making two gold records from the french market under group One T  2002 -2003  a cross over with electronic pop , over 60 records publisheds from featurings and movie scores and trailers like yamakasi  ,Dynamax  toured 30 country's  becoming The Hip Hop Ambassador  a titled  he earned from Kool Dj Herc the Father of the Hip Hop culture  and again by djaying , performing with US Embassy  for 6  years in 13 African Nations .dynamax had a residence card in france based off his deal for ten years allowing him to tour non stop making paris his base ,



Dynamax was offered a chance to do radio on 88.2 generations in paris the third biggest hip hop station out there and his show was called live from new york it started 1999 to summer 2003 an experiecne he would never forget Dynamax left france for the United Kingdom where he would live for a few years and while living the british life he made fiends with rock n roll writer and legend Kris needs who would form a group with Dynamax called Years of the canine this is a rock project with no ending many celebs added on like dom beken who is under the pink floyd family this project was relases in usa 2019 and recieved award for best rock rap album


Dynamax received a life time award from the the Zulu Nation UK in 2013  and another by  Dinahlynn Biggs with her  associated radio partners   Gangstasville  & WOSD Radio  and as of late Dinahlynn Biggs has created her very own Radio Station  Titled BIGGSRADIO.COM the story goes DinahLynn rang  Dynamax up  invited him  to bring his Dj/mc  skills on the air and now  his Show "Live From New York" has been reinstated since early summer 2020 ,


Dynamax has invited  Super Star Guest such as Grammy Rock n Roll Walk of Fame Icon Grand Mixer DXT , Mother of Hip Hop Cindy Campbell , Father of Hip Hop Kool Dj Herc , British producer Engineer Jay Burnett aka Burzootie ,  Donald D ( Rhyme Syndicate) Pete Nice (3rd Bass Def jam artist ,Lord Jazz (Lords of the underground)Paradise (X clan , Maxi B (Mary Jane Gilrls,Kris Needs to name a few of the greats.Dynamax mixing up the old and new school on the turntables and hyping the world up with his MC Skills and releasing new music on his label Roberts family Hits 68. 

                                                                                                The Focus for 2021   will involve   Dynamax  using his                   

                                                                                                  international  status  to emerge The  Roberts Family  Hits  68  Brand,

                                                                                                  Label, & New Album , A Multiplatinum legacy.......

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Bronx New Yorker


Alternative Rock,

Hip Hop,RNB, Electronic Music

Years Active:

94 - 2021..


 Polydor /Polygram


J-w Edmontson Roberts

oMo Entertainment

Universal Europe 

Dreyfus Music / Sony Distribution

Believe Digital Music 

Blue Note / EMI 

Malacious Damage 

 projector Room


Avenue of The World 

Produced By New York 

Produced By The World 

Bronx Syndicate 


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